samedi 1 février 2014

Chapters 66 and part of chapter 67

UPDATE : the chapter 67 is now complete. The files have been updated.

You can download the various formats there :

13 pages

With Kathryn evacuated, Erich tries to save as much as possible from the storm. Like everybody else after the storm, they will have to evacuate northwards in order to survive.

Current writing status : Chapter 67 is still underway, chapters 45 and 46 are still not written.

What has been written in chapter 67 really is a work in progress, a number of things are not really settled. Usually I published the chapters when a couple of other chapters had been written, in order to fix a number of elements.

As expected, I am not able to resume writing at the moment. I'm already glad to be able to sleep properly since last week (as you can guess, I'm the same kind of on/off workoholic as Erich...)

I except to be able to resume writing in July, or more probably in October.

 "Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 334,000 words long.