samedi 17 septembre 2016

Les Moustiques-Tempête

Allright folks, this is a short novel (above 99,000 words) I've written in French for friends & family, but the topic is a bit too narrow for their taste.

The story is about an assymetric defense approach from a poor country against a much richer, but not necessarily wiser, neighbouring country. It also includes some hybrid warfare aspects, but not many.

This is set in the Arab peninsula but, although the parallels are quite transparent, there is no reference to actual countries. The tone is sometimes tongue-in-cheek, in a way reminiscent of the "Adventures of Tintin" graphic novels.

I wrote this in a month where I was recovering from a bad health situation. It helped me a lot.

En français : voici un petit roman d'un peu plus de 90.000 mots qui traite de solutions de défense assymétrique pour un état pauvre confronté à un voisin menaçant et n'hésitant pas à recourir à des méthodes assymétriques.

My other book, in english, "Glasses, Pulleys and the End of Bread" :