samedi 31 octobre 2015

The end chapters

All right, I've made it.

The book is divided in two parts :
Part 1, chapters 01 to 48 (currently still missing chapters 45 and 46) is called Glasses & Pulleys
Part 2, chapters 49 to 81 is called The End of Bread

Part 2 is complete, I've managed to proof-read everything.

Here are the files to "The End Of Bread"

The complete novel is now over 413,000 words long, once the two missing chapters are finished it will about 420,000 words long.

It has been a tremendous experience for two and a half years. Please provide your feedback !



For all files, check this page :

mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Chapters 74 and 75

Okay, here are two more chapters. Even proof-reading them is an effort now, this is why I intend to post on a weekly basis but I won't make promises.

Anyway, enjoy.