mardi 16 avril 2013

Tenth part : chapters 41 and 42

You can download the various formats there :

19 pages

Erich follows indirectly the unfolding events he set in motion.  The emotional burden is harder to bear than he thought.

It is not easy to publish these two chapters in the wake of what happened in Boston yesterday.
One of the main ideas of the novel is to present situations of war and how people cope with it, especially the perpetrators. It is written in the same way that the second season of Jericho (TV series) was written.

It is not about condoning acts of terrorism, on the contrary if people can understand that the use of violence is not what is shown in videogames or Hollywood movies, it can only help.

Current writing status : chapter 43 has begun. I'll have to catch up the delay induced by weeks of hard work. It's always better to have chapters written in advance, not only for comfort but also to be able to add details or better introduce a situation.

Two chapters will be posted at the beginning of next week.


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