samedi 14 décembre 2013

Chapters 56 to 57

You can download the various formats there :

18 pages

The different waves of refugees crash into town and achieve to disrupt it. Now Erich's people are on their own and have to fend off an organised attack on the single place where there wheat can still be found. Brutality and barbaric methods are also becoming more common.

The next two chapters will be published next weekend.

The "maggots as chicken feed" idea was taken from this page :

Kevin, the author, runs the highly respected blog :

Current writing status : Chapter 67 is underway.

Chapters 45 and 46 still need to be written ; this story arc will be addressed once the end of the transitional story arc is over, at the ned of chapter 67.

"Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 333,000 words long.


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