mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Chapters 62 to 63

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17 pages

Erich meets with Anna-Lena and her companion in their own hideout, discussing long-term aspects of the crisis.
In the following chapter, Matthew takes Erich to a tour of the meat processing facility he set up hastily.

About chapter 63 : it is both about cannibalism and industry. It is a somewhat disturbing  moment, comparable to a documentary about meat processing. In my humble opinion, it is not really possible to imagine and describe cannibalism, and even less in such a fashion. Nevertheless, I think it had to be adressed in the novel, since it's an integral part of that post-apocalypstic environement.

Current writing status : Chapter 67 is still underway.

I'm several days late when posting this : not only has the opportunity window closed, but on the contrary I find myself with lots of work on my hands.

I had to find both the time and the energy to review these two chapters for errors, and I'm not sure to be able to do the same for chapters 64 and 65 until the weekend. Therefore, these chapters will be posted on Saturday the 18th.

On the long term, it's more probable than not that I won't be able to resume writing in the following months. I always prefer to write several chapters in a row rather than write them in a piecemeal fashion.

Another aspect, which is not "fishing for compliments" but is also an issue is that I get next to no feedback for my work, although there are more and more people visiting the blog and viewing the updates.

"Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 333,000 words long.


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