dimanche 10 février 2013


This blog will host books and other texts from me.

Most of them were written from a prepper point of view. Therefore, they are closer to fan fiction than to proper litterature.

The current book, "Glasses and Pulleys" is a work in progress.Over 100,000 words in twenty chapters have already been written, about two-third of the planned length. It will be posted in five to six parts, starting next week.

Other texts will include a rewrite and conclusion of the story "Steve's Side Of The Story", inspired by the movie "Dawn Of The Dead 2004", originally written and posted in 2008 at the Near Death Experiments forum : http://www.neardeathexperiments.com/smf/index.php?topic=2759.0

I would like to thank James M. Dakin, from http://jamesmdakin.blogspot.fr/ (also of Bison Newsletter fame) for his reviews and help in many aspects.

Have fun, and remember : none of this should be taken too seriously.


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