dimanche 24 février 2013

Third part : chapters 15 to 20

You can download the PDF there :


56 pages

Erich and Kathryn have settled in Trois-Chênes and get to know each other better. But they have to face unforeseen problems that could jeopardize their project.

The three first parts of "Glasses and Pulleys" accumulate 108,919 words. As a reference, Twilight has a 118,501 words.

The adventure continues. Several chapters more have been written, but they have to be kept coherent with the following chapters before they can be published here.

Next Monday, I'll publish the next five chapters, and then try to hold on to that rythm for two other weeks. After mid-march, the writing speed will decrease to a third of that.

I already have positive responses, I'm glad you people enjoy it !

As a technical note : the town of Joyeux-Tiburon is inspired from whatever information I could find about the town of Cocodrie, but as it is a work of fiction, and there are proeminent baddies there as well, I won't use the name.

Besides, My only experience from Louisiana dates back to 1988, when I spent two days around the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Again, none of this should be taken too seriously.

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