samedi 2 mars 2013

Fourth part : chapters 21 to 25

You can download the PDF there :

47 pages

Erich is trying to progress on his installation, but he realises he has to find his own place within the local community. He gets progressively involved in the town's survival as a community while still being an outsider.

The story could have been a simple relocation and downsizing story, that ends when the new location is up and running. But since this is survivalist / prepper fiction, it wouldn't be interesting if there wasn't some Big Event or collapse at some moment.

This is why individual aspects of prepping and downsizing are still going to be addressed in the upcoming chapters, but the unfolding event and the group's reactions to it will become an increasing part of the story.

The pace will still be slow, because characters, other groups and the general setup have to be established. Just to give you an idea, the event isn't starting until the end of chapter 33.

I hope you're all still enjoying it.


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  1. Hello Solsys,

    Bigunsfan here, from JD's place. Here's what I found so far:

    Part 4
    Chapter 23
    Page 24
    6th paragraph

    Glenn said he was ready to devote most of his thousand dollars rent to the construction of a new

    I think you meant to say "retirement" or "pension".

    Part 4
    Chapter 23
    Page 31
    4th paragraph

    When Jim drove the boat away, Erich turned back ; Kathryn held Lizzie by the hand, and the both
    were winking.

    Maybe they were winking. LOL! Waving seems more appropriate.

    Really like the story so far. You did an excellent job of describing the germans,the old school germans anyway.



    1. Hi JW,

      Thank you very much for the very accurate indications ! The words have been changed now and the PDF reloaded.

      I am always on the lookout for these German and French expressions (I'm a Frenchman of German and Greek origins).

      And you've also correctly spotted I was referring to old school Germans ; many contemporary Germans are just interchangeable globalised people, really. But there still are some more traditional people around (obviously NOT those with silly traditional costumes anyway ;-)

      So far, the blog's statistics tell me there are about fifteen people following the story regularly, which is more than I expected, considering it's a work in progress.

      The only reference to it on the web is on JD's blog ( ) so far.

      Have fun and take care !