dimanche 10 mars 2013

Fifth part : chapters 26 to 30

You can download the PDF there : 


46 pages

Erich is organising a small group of people with common interests. In parallel, he prepares the construction of his house

More people and elements are added to the configuration of the story. A more upbeat cycle of the story is unfolding now and will continue in the two following chapters.

There is a "militia porn" aspect unfolding, but it will be kept within the general tone and logic of the story.

My holidays being over, I can't write as much as I did these last weeks. The updates will take place every Monday as usual, but with less chapters. Next week's part will have four parts, and the parts after that will typically have two chapters, which is my weekly writing volume at the moment.

Current writing status : the chapter 38 is almost complete. "Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 200,000 words long.


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