samedi 9 novembre 2013

Chapter 47

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9 pages

Chapters 45 and 46 are not written yet, but chapters 47 to 50 are. The missing chapters will continue to tell Richard's children progression, but as of now I have a couple of free days at long last and will continue on the Erich & Kathryn side.

This chapter ties up some loose ends and also serves the purpose of reconnecting the reader with the context. There is a sort of cliffhanger as Erich travels to Houma, but chapter 48 will follow in the coming week.

You might ask yourself : why not publish all the other chapters right now ?

Well I need to dedicate entire days to write  properly, and preferably several days in a row. So this is the time where I make some progress. Spellchecking, trimming and fact-checking can be made in a much shorter time frame, and also doesn't require the same mindset : I can do it after work.

When a chapter is published, I can't really modify it afterwards, so it has to be consistent with the rest of the story and especially the chapters that are still being written. This is why it's taking so long.

Current writing status : chapter 50 is almost finished (but chapters 45 and 46 are missing...). "Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 250,000 words long. Woohoo !


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