vendredi 15 novembre 2013

Chapters 48 and 49

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18 pages

In chapter 48, Erich learns a bit more about the still distant technological war. Normalcy returns gradually to Trois-Chênes, but not for long.
Indeed, in chapter 49 we adopt the point of view of the Red and Blue Teams as they witness the impending and mysterious menace that is about to be unleashed on Trois-Chênes. Can they stop it ? We will know for sure in chapter 50 and 51, to be (spellchecked, reviewed and) released in eight days.

I use a favourable window of opportunity to write as much as I can ; the chapters will be released at a pace of two per week.

Current writing status : chapter 55 is finished, but chapters 45 and 46 are still missing. "Glasses and Pulleys" is now over 275,000 words long.


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